Malania is now a yearling and maturing nicely. Has great pedigree for performance and is priced at 6000

Malania 5 month old Reining ,cow bred 2023 AQHA filly for sale .Will be weaned in a couple of weeks. Sire is homozygous for never producing a sorrel carries the EE. She is priced at 6000.

Reg AQHA 2023 bred in the BLACK pedigree says cow .Should mature at 15 hands.

Sparractic Is the sire of Malania and now is retired like me. He has a wonderful pedigree and has produced some great Get down thru the years.

Rizz and 2022 colt He has been sold and is by Sparractic !

JB Black Beauty AQHA a 2005 mare that has raised me many black foals over the years and have been sold all over the USA. She was left open this year (because I plan to retire) and is still nursing her 2023 filly and can be bred to the stallion of your choice early in 24.

2023 Black filly for sale cow bred pictured at 41/2 months age.

Malania AQHA 2023 Filly.