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Ira a Ruckus x Rhapsody puppy who will make his home in Canada.

Scottish Terrier Puppies arriving April 1st and April 15th


Ruckes and Cozyness first litter full of personality

Rues boys 009

Rues litter by Ruckus Males available to approved homes for companions.

Ruand andrew puppies 060
Ruand andrew puppies 073

Brindle girl maybe shown she is an Andrew x Roma Lee female

I have had the honor of getting a few of my Scottish Terriers to the local shows and have learned alot from other breeders on grooming and the skills of presenting my Scotties, have also had help from my family and friends as this is a newly acquired passtime I now get to enjoy since I retired from the timeclock.Have been raising Scottish Terriers since 1960 and started with a Bardene Bingo Son.

I especially enjoy the litters of puppies usally two litters a year, trying to breed for excellence and eleviate as many health problems that is possible.I sell on a spay/nueter contract for pets and love to get the show propects into the hands of people that will get them out and exhibit them, all in all I take my job seriously as a responsible breeder of the Breed That Is ADDICTIVE!! Companions Scottish Terriers are priced at 1800 and are sold to forever homes, I usually have some show prospects which will sell at 1800.

I am a member of the Scottish Terrier  Club Of America and suggest reading up on all the health issues of this breed along with the character of these wonderful terriers, they are addictive but not every person should own one as they truly are loveing and devoted companions but really when it comes right down to it they own the people they love.


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Fergus will make his new forever home in CO.

Ca customers and rue babies 002

This little Scottie will have a forever home in CA with this couple.

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Champion sired litter of Wheatons and Brindles from CH Ravenbouts Radient Raquel and CH Afterglows Call Me Andrew.

Utah pics and pups ree 058

CH Afterglows Call Me Andrew x Ravenbouts Rocking Ree, He will make his new home in Canada


Ruckus first litter from Cozness

Rues boys 009

Rue and Ruckus's boys two are available to approved homes for companions.

New litter of Scotties coming in April and will be for sale to approved homes as companions and or show prospects.

Rob and linda pups 037